Monday 17 October 2011

Last night in a proper bed

An even busier day than normal today as it is the last in the mouse house and I still haven't finished the packing, we were back at Wallington with the alpacas and knitwear and Kate is needing medication three times a day.

We had another fantastic day at Wallington, our alpacas are such a draw to the crowd.  It is lovely to hear all the complements they receive, so many people have never seen such friendly and approachable alpacas.  The knitwear also went down very well, at this rate I will have no stock left for Christmas.

Kate is looking better, after giving her her medication this morning I decided that I would let her out to see if that made her feel a bit better.  Emery, her daughter was waiting the other side of the hurdles for her and off they toddled.  Kate went straight to pick at some fallen leaves.

Carol and Dave had kindly agreed to check on her for us and Alan was keeping an eye on her too.  By this evening she was looking better, we even had trouble trying to catch her to give her her medication and shut her in for the night.  She even attempted to spit at me, which for once was almost a pleasant occurrence!

Thankfully Carol had offered to feed us tonight so off we went with a car full of stuff to store at theirs for a little while and tea.  Very nice it was too, we even got pudding; we now know of a good place to eat if things get bad in the caravan!!

Talking of the caravan, we move in there tomorrow so I am unsure if blogging will be possible for a while.  I will continue to use twitter which feeds along the right hand side of my blog so you will be able to keep up with snippets that way if all else fails.

Back to my boxes now then hopefully I will get a couple of hours sleep.


Shirley said...

Delighted that Kate has recovered. Good luck with the camping!!! Shirley & Robbie

Judi said...

All the best for the move to your new home! Caravans...holidays mm! You can pretend you're having a holday?!

Bev said...

Good news about Kate, what a relief. I hope the caravan is warm, we've got a couple of cold nights coming up. I expect you've got plenty of lovely warm alpacas socks, hats scarves and throws if needed.

Anonymous said...

B&B is open 24/7 though you will get your 'chores' to do after food and sleep!!!! Good luck for today, at least its dry!

Unknown said...

Good luck all...hope it is a bit drier for your move than it is here!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great news about Kate...Im hoping the move into the caravan...goes smoothly !....grin and bear will be worth it in the end !...just keep dreaming of that wonderful new house....! I hope Kate continutes to improve.....for you......Jayne