Monday 10 October 2011

Hexham Tup Sale

It really did look and feel like a typical Monday morning this morning, Paul & I didn't want to get up and even the cats were still toasty snug when the alarm went off - this could have been because Paul had forgotten to change it from the very early starts at the weekend!

The weather was really damp and horrible, it was that drizzle that gets you very wet without you really noticing.  The alpacas were all looking rather dirty as they'd obviously been rolling in damp mole hills - great.

With the morning routine complete I headed over to Hexham Mart again to see how the Tup sale went.  I was only looking as we don't have any ladies for a tup to service yet but I wanted to get the feel for things.

There were some very fine looking boys there, of the four legged variety obviously!  The horns of some of them were fantastic, I've decided I think I have a bit of a thing for the big curly horns, I'm not sure if that did or didn't seem important to the bidders.

In fact I found it rather difficult to differentiate between and good and exceptional tup.  There were some selling for a couple of thousand that looked nice to me then the champion went for 20,000 Guineas and I couldn't work out why he was worth ten times that of some of the previous ones - more home work required I think!!

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