Saturday 15 October 2011

Worry and too much work

Just a quick one tonight as things are absolutely manic here.  Thank you for all the messages, texts, tweets and emails, it is nice to know that poor Kate has lots of people willing her on.

She has however took a turn for the worse today and to cut a long story short is now in the vet hospital on a drip and not a well girl.  So far her blood tests have failed to give much away but my vet Sam Prescott is working very hard to do what he can for her so please keep everything crossed for us.

I went down to see her tonight just to see how she was and see if |I could get her to eat anything, I'm affraid I failed she wouldn't even touch some nice warm speedibeat.

Today I was supposed to be moving furniture etc up to the hill as we have to be out of the mouse house on Monday morning ans this weekend we are at the Wallington Food and Craft fair, but that obviously didn't happen as Kate obviously took priority.

I'm not quite sure how I am going to pack, move, look after the animals and attend Wallington this weekend - it's a good job I can survive on not much sleep isn't it!


Judi said...

Still got everything crossed for Kate, hope the vet finds out what the problem is quickly. What a time to have this additional worry, such a distraction when you have such a lot to think about.

Rosemary said...

Oh, Debbie - I am so sorry. I hope it is a happy outcome for Kate, it must be dreadful with all the furniture moving as well.

Patou Alpacas said...

All the best for Kate guys, everything crossed for a happy outcome.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sending you all my wishes for an improvement and a speedy recovery for Katge....I know you'll be doing all you can to give her the best chance to pull through ! Fingers crossed and thinking of you at this difficult time.....Jayne x