Sunday 9 October 2011

Seaside and no boxes

Much to Paul's disgust it was another early start this morning, and no time to watch the Grand Prix.  We were heading over to a makers market in Seaburn with the Barnacre knitwear range and the boys.  I'd decided only to take a couple of boys today. 

First in the trailer were Ochre (no shock there then) closely followed by Minimus and Pearson.  As we were only taking two I decided that Minimus could go for the 'ahhhhhhhh' factor.  As always the boys went down a treat causing lots of interest on the seafront.

I think the knitwear was equally as stroked, it always amazes me how surprised people are at the soft feel of our garments.  There some lucky new customers with cosy heads and fingers this evening following their purchases.

This evening I have managed to ply the bit of yarn I'd spun over the last few days, I'm hoping Carol isn't too disappointed as there isn't much.  I've made a couple of requests from the hand spun yarn before our trip to Wallington Food and Craft Fair at the weekend so I'm hoping there is enough.

All this has meant I have had a day of box packing, there is still plenty to do and only 8 more nights in a proper bed.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like another successful day at the market ......enjoy those last 8 nights in the proper bed.......Im sure the caravan will be an experience ....if nothing else !.....and its better than a tent !!............Jayne