Saturday 22 October 2011

Cooked breakfast for the workers

It has been a very productive day today, this morning after the morning feed run and coming back to a very nice cooked breakfast from Carol we headed off to look at bathrooms for the new cottage.  It's a bit different to buying sheep at the mart!

This afternoon's job was to dose the whole herd, everyone has been wormed (sheep included) and toe nails trimmed where necessary.  The girls were also body scored which is an important part of herd husbandry.  There are a couple of girls who are really showing the effects of feeding very greedy cria.  I think we will have a few early weaned littlies this year.

I used my new strives needle today and it certainly helped speed things up.  I have used them before when I've been dosing Alan's sheep but as our alpaca numbers have increased I thought it was about time I invested in one for the alpaca.

Tonight it has been a hive of activity, Carol and mum are knitting, Dave has been carding and I have been spinning.  I just need to find Paul a job!

Tomorrow we are off us to the hill to do some fencing and check on progress.

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