Saturday 15 October 2011

Tucked up in her own bed

We have had another very busy day today, we are at Wallington Food and Craft fair all weekend.  So what with that, moving and Monday and a poorly paca you can imagine what it's like. 

Dark morning make loading the car with all our knitwear and 'stuff' very difficult but with that completed and mums job list given (She was planning on going home two days ago but stayed longer to help with everything), we headed off to pick up the boys and get to Wallington.

As is always the case the alpacas proved a very big attraction, I managed to snap this shot in one of the brief moments that I managed to get away from the stall.
 Carol and Dave popped down for ten minutes and ended up staging for a few hours which was definately appreciated, thank you again!

The stanged question of the day was a new one; "do you mind if I take a photo of the heads in your car"!  What on earth the chap wanted that for I don't know. but here he is.
I had a phone call from the vets this morning saying that Kate was still a poorly girl but looking slightly brighter, which was great news.  She was picking at the hay but not not eating much, but was now rehydrated and able to stand.

As the day has progressed she has improved and was able to come home this evening, in the hope that that would cheer her up more and encourage her to eat.  As soon as we'd finished at Wallington we headed over to pick her up.  She looked so much better than she did last night.

She is now tucked up in her own bed and all being well if the weather is nice tomorrow I will let her out and see how we get on.  She is still on medication three times a day but she seems to like the taste of the drench so that helps.  Hopefully she is now on the mend.

When we got back home mum has been doing some cleaning and ironing which is a massive help, thank you mum.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah....great news about Kate...and what would we do without our parents !!......probably just be struggling along....I hope that tomorrow is a lovely day for you all and that Kate can have a nice sunny day out !......Jayne

Unknown said...

Good news...hope she enjoys being home and is fully recovered very soon

Rosemary said...

Great news about Kate
Will be thinking of you tomorrow!