Tuesday 29 May 2012

Check mate

I thought I'd start off with a turbine update.  I suspect the driver was going to fast round the bends and lost control, his explanation was he clipped the soft verge and slid off the road!  It is taking some recovering, they have been building the platform for the crane all day, it most be costing a fortune!
This morning saw a surprise arrival from Mary, one of our black girls, she wasn't even in the running to be next!  Mary has gone 345 the last two years and been very easy to read.  This morning she came for breakfast as usual and I was pottering in the girls field, I left them and walked back to the house to put the kettle on and before I'd even poured the tea out I saw a black head wobbling!  She must have fired her, yes it's a girl, out at record speed.

Meet Barnacre Liberty, named after our hill. 
There was a bit of checking out going on this evening, Lady Godiva is checking out Liberty and Palm-Olive is making sure the heavily pregnant Willow is ok.

How painful does this look, I don't think Willow will last much longer...


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow ! .... Never mind the Turbine !! How lovely is she ..... Congratulations !! Just love her name, its about time some girlies started arriving. Liberty looks gorgeous and well done Mary ! .....Jayne

Judi B said...

At least she's got her coat off, we have a poor polar bear waiting to deliver in this heat! The new arrival looks a sweetie, congratulations!

Rosemary said...

What a gorgeous black - congratulations!

Yes, it looks highly uncomfortable!

oak haven alpacas said...

beautiful girl!!

I do feel for those fully pregnant gals with their sides all poking out. Looks miserable!