Saturday 19 May 2012

Out and about

We have been out and about today with the alpacas, it was the Otterburn Hall Hotel garden party and we'd been invited along.  Well I say we, I mean the alpacas really, most invitations that arrive on our doorstep are for the alpacas not us!
Thankfully it wasn't too early a start as there was lots to do before we left.  With all 60 alpacas in the shed keeping warm following shearing there is lots of cleaning up to do in the morning before the usual feeding rounds begin.

It was terrible news we received from the BAS about the loss of some pregnant females following shearing.  I'd only been saying to Paul on Friday night I wouldn't be surprised if the weather wasn't causing some poor alpacas major issues.

I left mum and dad on the farm on feeding and poo picking patrol which is constant if you want to keep the shed clean.  Mum was also keeping a very close eye on Sienna who is now on 365 days gestation.  LMI is also overdue, and Willow and Nefertiti have milk but a little longer to go.

We are off out again tomorrow at Kirkley Hall Countryside Festival, this one is an early start so no doubt Paul will be in a good mood - he doesn't like mornings.

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