Friday 4 May 2012

Tractor Shopping

Firstly Judi, Paul had bacon egg and tomato cooked for him yesterday morning, but he did have to get out of bed for it!

Our new little man is doing well, he is getting to grips with his rather long legs and seems to enjoy the attentions of the rest of the herd.  Having weighed him this evening he has gained a little weight which is good.

Lualeni has spent a lot of time today sat down and snoozing, she has milk so I doubt she will be much longer.

Many of you may recall when we bought the land here I had to sell my beloved MGTF soft top car.  It took me many years to convince Paul that I 'needed' it, it was more the fact that seeing as he wasn't letting me have kids I told him I wasn't having a family car!

Anyway we are now managing with one car which at times can be rather challenging.  All Paul says is well you have the tractor or the quad if you need them; yeah right, I can really go to the supermarket in the tractor.

We clearly I can, when I nipped into Sainsburys tonight someone had been to do their shopping in the tractor.  I had to laugh, but I'm glad Paul didn't see it!

By the way Judi, Paul was in a hotel yesterday so I didn't actually cook the breakfast!

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Judi said...

Well Debbie...when Paul gets back, it must be time for you to have a lie-in and breakfast in bed!