Thursday 3 May 2012

Our first cria of 2012

After last nights udder shot Oonagh clearly thought she'd give me something else to get the camera out for this morning.  She has given birth to our first cria of the year!

As I walked up the hill first thing I immediately spotted something very white in front of Oonagh, panic set in, it was flat out!

I was shouting Oonagh as I approached who looked round and still no movement from what I could now see was a cria.  By this time I was running across the field in blind panic, as I got within a few feet there was a twitch of the ear - phew it's alive.

He, yes it's a boy, had obviously been born some time earlier as he was already dry and stood up with no hesitation what so ever.  I'd checked the girls shortly after nine last night and I was out in the field just before seven this morning.

He weighed in at a healthy 7.69kg which is about the same as Oonagh's previous two cria.  This boy is from our Supreme Champion stud Legend of Spartacus and he is already showing Legends immense brightness in his fleece.

Despite being born at 349 days, Oonagh's longest gestation yet, he is slightly down on his pasterns, but isn't letting this stop him from getting round. 

Alpacas are very sociable animals and family is very important to them.  Oonagh's family were first over to greet the latest arrival to Barnacre.  The first picture show Kealani and Freyja, Oonagh's two daughters inspecting their brother.  The second is Lualeni, Ooangh's sister inspecting her nephew and wondering how long before her baby arrives!

And finally we have the proud mum!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Great start to your birthing year!

Patou Alpacas said...

Congratulations! They like to keep us on our toes don't they?

Shirley said...

Brill - well done all.

Unknown said...

Congratulations...she has obviously been watching those... sheep having them during the night!

Judi said...

Did you manage to take Paul a cup of tea in bed after your 7 o'clock round?!!

Congratulations on the lovely new arrival!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations on your lovely new arrival ....this is just the start, hope mum and baby are doing well and unfortunately .....looks like the weather isn't going to be very good for this time of year ! .....Jayne