Monday 7 May 2012


We have been full on fencing again today, once again Dave came over to help us out.  He has spent hours helping us build fencing, I'm sure Carol must think he's left home sometimes, today was another 12 hour day!  Thanks Dave we really do appreciate it.

All the hard work has paid off as we now have another paddock ready for occupation, for some reason this latest containment seems to have taken us a long time.

Being at the top of the bottom half of our land; if that makes sense (the top half of our land is sheep territory when they are not lambing), has meant that we have been able to keep a close eye on the girls.  Oonagh seems to be taking full advantage of the baby sitting services being offered, her son has spent a fair bit of time with his half sisters Kealani (same dam) and Cassiphia (same sire) today.

Both Lualeni and Sienna have plenty of milk so it will be a race between those two.  Sienna was mated first but has previously carried cria 20 days longer than Lualeni, they are both now past their individual due dates, so watch this space.

Saying all that the weather has turned very wet again tonight so I think they both made a wise decision to keep their legs crossed today!


Bev said...

Those are lovely long legs, being seriously lacking in the leg area myself I'm very jealous.

Anonymous said...

So that's where Dave has been last couple of the farm. I've enjoyed the peace and quiet!