Sunday 6 May 2012

Three wheels on my waggon

We have spend the last two days fencing for a change.  We did get Saturday morning off from fencing as we, or rather the animals had visitors.  We have met some fabulous people through our alpacas and the other Pearson (no relation to Carol & Dave) family are some of them!

Gill, Ross and Taylor came armed with carrots for the alpaca and Paul & I got jam, and they were more than happy to help with the morning routine - thanks guys we really appreciate your help and I know the lambs enjoyed their bottles.

Saturday afternoon and all day today we have been fencing, at one point yesterday Paul almost managed to roll the tractor which wasn't good.  It worried him as much as me, the thing was rocking on three wheels at a very precarious angle.  Manual knocking in that corner I think!!

Oonagh's little man is growing nicely, the sun was out this morning so he had his coat off.  He really is long legged and certainly knows how to use them - he took some catching tonight to be weighed.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Glad Paul survived his 'rock n roll' with the tractor !! ....that little boy is a real smasher isn't he ......Jayne

Grania said...

Wot a little cracker he is x.