Tuesday 8 May 2012

Never again!

Remind me next year not to openly confirm that we have finished lambing! 

This morning when I was doing the sheep rounds I spotted a sheep laid on it's side, which is never a good sign.  As I approached I could see it was alive but stuck on its side and it had lambed.  Yes you guessed it, another single boy, but it's alive so I don't mind.

Mum was not looking good at all, she was struggling to stand and was paying no interest in he son who was laid by her side.  After I'd held her up for a while (luckily she's not the biggest we have) and after a number of attempts she managed to stagger away.

When I went back to check a couple of hours later she was down again and her lamb was nowhere in sight.  Mum got up much easier this time and I managed to find the lamb and reunite them, not that she seemed that interested.

Again this afternoon she needed a little help to get up and her lamb was once again alone and now looking hungry.  So I came back and made him a bottle which he happily took.

Mum is still looking decided unwell and her son is now in the shed looking much better after another bottle.  Hopefully mum will pull through or we will have another addition to the pet lamb gang.

On the alpaca front Lualeni and Sienna continue to keep their legs crossed and Oonagh's little man, who we have named Leonidas, is getting much more control over his very long legs.

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