Thursday 31 May 2012

Will it work

I've been trying to get on my blog all night and keep getting an error message so I'm not going to say much tonight in case it won't post, plus I don't have much to report!

We have had rain on and off all day and after the heat a couple of the girls have been feeling the cold, namely Mary, who gave birth yesterday but refused point blank to come in - probably something to do with her daughter Liberty being the biggest live wire ever and never stopping still!

Lady Godiva was also feeling the cold, she is quite a petite girl and cut lots of fleece so I suppose you'd expect her to feel the cold more than some of the others.

On the turbine front, it has been moved today.  I was advised that the checky contractors have been in my field taking photo's of it's removal.  I wonder if it was one of them that snapped one of our fence bars to allow one very eagle eyed sheep out onto the road!


Unknown said...

The new Blogger is a nightmare. I end up having to swap between AOL, Chrome and Firefox depending on how it is feeling!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I don't like the new Blogger either know what they say ....If it aint broke ...don't fix it !! ....Cheeky Blighters those contractors. .....Jayne