Friday 25 May 2012

A star bulge

Firstly, yes Bev we do seem to have some very long legged cria this year, although I was sat on the grass when I took that last shot of the new man, who needs a name quick because Paul keeps calling him Skunk!  So any suitable suggestions gratefully received.

Many of the girls have bulges and sticky out bits all over the place at the minute, Star takes the prize today for the most painful looking bulge!
At one point not only could you see her unborn cria's toes under her skin you could also make out it's nostrils!  I suspect Star is on for another big cria this year, despite being a maiden last year she produced our second biggest cria, second to her mum Kate who also has huge bulges.

Lualeni was obviously feeling the heat again today, either that or her cria Thor wanted warm milk - how ladylike is she; not!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a strange position ! Hope she doesnt get sun burn .... Jayne

Miriam said...

Pepe le Pew sounds nicer than skunk! Great photos and soooo cute to.

Unknown said...

Great photo...i've not seen one sunbathe quite like that before!