Wednesday 17 June 2009

Appalling weather

The weather has been appalling today, just after I finished the morning feeds the heavens opened and it didn't stop until late this afternoon. I was supposed to be doing some spit offs but decided again it, it will have to go on tomorrows list now!

As outside jobs were off the agenda I thought I'd better get the online shop updated. Along with some other breeders, we had a stall at the Northumberland County Show and I sold quite a few bits which I'd not taken off the website. Mum and I have also been busy knitting so there are some new lines to look at including slumber socks and a gorgeous baby shawl knitted from dear Blossoms fleece.

Talking of Blossom she is still grieving, she has been really low today and has hardly moved. Hopefully she will be back to her old self soon as I hate seeing her like this.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We have had really bad weather here to, talking of Blossom, I hope she soon stops grieving, last year when Aymara had a still born cria, she sat for 3 days grieving, and kept going back to the exact spot she gave birth, I decided to move her out of that field to distract her from the traumatic experience she had there...after about a week she began to join in again....its always very sad when you see this for yourself, just goes to show, how these animals are very intelligent and the bond is marvellous between families, brothers and sisters....they always recognise eachother !....Jayne