Sunday 7 June 2009

Getting stronger

Things with our little premature cria are still going well, thankfully she is gaining strength in her neck and legs and is getting mobile, as you can see on this video. She is managing to get up on her own now occasionally and has been out to see mum a few times.

Mum Blossom is clearly pleased to see her baby and greets her with licks, kisses and humming, her daughter unfortunately doesn't seem to appreciate that it is her mum. Despite me trying to hold her under Blossom's udder and point her in the right direction she is totally oblivious to the fact this is the milk bar, even trying to milk blossom into her mouth isn't working yet.

Hopefully once she is more stable and doesn't need as much concentration to balance we will get there, thankfully Blossom is standing over her trying to get her to feed which is half the battle.

We have managed to fit in a couple of spit offs today, Alice and Aria both spat at more Golden Guinea. He got very excited when he noticed Willow and Blossom close by, both are empty and I think he fancied his chances!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie
I've just watched the video...she seems to be much're obviously doing a great job...hope she continues to improve for you, your dedication is being rewarded....Jayne, Im keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

janet said...

Hello Debbie, what a lovely video.It is great to see Blossom and her baby together, and to see how she is gaining strength. Hope she will soon be feeding from mum.xx