Saturday 7 August 2010

All change

I'm please to say Katia has settled nicely into motherhood, and her daughter is looking good, she lost a few grams in the first 24 hours which is quite normal, although most of our cria have gained from day one this year.

Now she has given birth I was able to give Katia's nails a good trim, they were very long, I'm sure they must have been missed by the shearer as they were looking quite bad, I didn't want to upset her though until she'd had her baby. They are now looking much better and she was happy to let me do them which always makes life much easier.

At last Mimimus is not the lightest baby at Barnacre, he has overtaken the new arrival this evening and weighs a huge (for him) 8.16kg, that means in three weeks he has doubled his birth weight so I'm happy.

This morning we had a bit of a move round with the boys and youngsters on the rented land. We really needed to make use of the big field as this is the best grass we have at the minute. However this would mean that the young girls would be next to the boys and that would never work. Why does the grass always grow where you least need it.

So Guinea had to move down one stud strip and the other four big boys have moved onto the roadside stud strip, this means there is now an empty field between the boys, as Golden Guinea and Loki aren't getting on too well at the minute - they spend all day posturing to each other and it usually ends up in a fight. There is also a gap between Guinea and the ladies, he is still rather excited though.

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