Monday 9 August 2010

New spinning apprentices

Today has been one of those days when one minute it looks like the heavens are going to open and we are going to get a soaking (which we never did) and the next we have glorious sunshine. Needless to say those babies with cria coats on have been dressed and undressed a number of times!

We weighed the three youngest cria all of whom are doing well, Minimus is still slightly heavier than Katia's daughter, who we have not yet named as she is for sale, and it is nice if they get new owners soon they will be able to name her.

I was feeling rather annoyed this afternoon, so took it out on a tree that was overhanging one of our fields. It provides a nice bit of shelter but it was far too low, not any more. It was quite funny I had an audience, typically at the front of the gathering was Ursula.

As a bit of a wind down I thought I would do a bit of spinning as my two young apprentices were not getting on with it very well!
Carol has knitted a lovely black hat in Mary fleece which I am spinning at the minute. I took her a bit over last week as Dave carded it all for me I thought she might like to knit a bit. It never ceases to amaze me how quick Carol knits, since I saw her last week she has knitted me a hat and some long fingerless mittens. She somehow manages to find time to go to work as well.

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don't let Uncle Paul see that photo!