Sunday 29 August 2010

Tilly comes to visit

I thought I'd better do a slightly earlier blog tonight as we have friends staying and I have been on the wine - I'm not very good with alcohol anymore!

We had spit offs to do this morning; a great job for my friend Becky to get involved in I though; Paul is never too keen on getting spat at. This was after I'd roped her into helping remove maggots from one of the poor lambs feet!

The boys were very well behaved and rather excitedly trotted up the lane to see the girls, thankfully for us the girls were not at all impressed with the boys. Good news for Willowbank Alpacas Katia has ovulated, she was not happy to see Gianmarco's Masterpiece.
Oonagh is the only girl left to be mated, she's on the job list for tomorrow, which Will be two weeks since she gave birth. Last year she got pregnant at two weeks post partum so fingers crossed she will be same this year.
This afternoon we had a visit from Carol (yes she bought more knitting) and one her her friends and her daughter Tilly. After introducing Tilly to my kitten Tilly we headed off to meet the alpacas, Paul managed to get a few pictures which he has turned into a little slide show just for you Tilly, I hope you like it.
As you can see Oonagh was enjoying Tilly's company.

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janet said...

Very good production,not enough of it. Hope you enjoyed your night