Thursday 26 August 2010

Spilt beans

Those eagle eyed blog followers amongst you will have noticed that the the excitement can be contained no longer, Willowbank Alpacas have spilt the beans! Alice and Katia are heading down south to Leicestershire to join their fantastic growing herd.

I've got to say I'm amazed Lisa at Willowbank has burst with all the excitement, not only have they got two cracking girls with their babies heading down they have also got a new stud boy for next year, Wellground Relentless heading up. Well done, you've made some great choices there!

The weather has been glorious here today so I've been out cleaning all the fields, so they are all spic and span again. I hate it when I don't get chance to do them. It was really quite funny when I was doing the boys field, Hughie was supervising. He stood right next to me watching my every move, he moved with the quad and stopped at each pile as if to make sure I didn't miss any.

This evening Paul & I have been doing some fleece rummaging, I just love it. We were admiring Tenzing's fleece, it has great character, is bright, dense, extremely long staple length and has a nice handle. It is coming back wonderfully, I'm now not sure if I should be selling him just at the minute.

He got good fleece marks at the recent Kelso show (he was second on fleece score) but got marked down in the conformation because one of his testicles hadn't dropped down, so was placed fourth overall. Said ball is now on it's way down so I'm no longer worried about that!

Tenzing is from one of our best girls Veruschka whose fleece does well in the fleece shows, so maybe I should hang fire a little longer and see how this second fleece develops. He is also not related to anyone else in our herd, so another good reason to wait and see.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The big secret is out...then I guessed one..and wondered on the I did sniff something on the wind !!.....maybe the white witch..powers are still working, allbeit dilluted with all that rain !!....Jayne

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Keep Him !!...