Tuesday 10 August 2010

A new coat

My little man, Minimus is growing, so much so I had to make him a new coat today. In fact he would probably have fitted into one of the existing coats if Katia's new baby wasn't wearing it.

I have been busily updating alpaca seller today, it was a little out of date following the birth of the Aussie girls cria. If only I had the space (and some spare cash) I really would like to keep at least one of them, if only.............

I received a lovely letter of thanks from the Border Union Show thanking me for my Chief Steward duties at the show, Paul also received one so hopefully the rest of my stewarding team received one too. It's nice to knew you are appreciated.

Talking of appreciation, someone has been reading my ramblings. I had a call from a fellow alpaca owner yesterday who had an issue with an abscess on one of their alpacas. My blogging about the problem we had with Gabby's jaw last year will hopefully help her out - good luck.

PS. Whoever left the anonymous comment about Paul seeing the kitten photo it's too late!

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