Sunday 8 August 2010

Bottles with a cuddle

My brother and his family have returned home this afternoon after a weekend visit. Faith, my young niece has become rather brave since their visit three weeks ago and is now happy to wander through the alpaca field on her own.

She has taken a particular fancy to little Rory, who my brother informs me is a racing car (apparently it's a childrens tv programme), he kept singing a song about Rory the racing car, but every time he tried to get past the the first line Faith kept correcting him "no, Rory alpaca daddy" .

As you can see Faith was happy to do the bottle feeds, under Pearson's supervision!
He was even happy to have a cuddle, he wasn't quite so sure about the kiss though, he thought there should have been milk in that little nose.

Once our company had gone I finished off cleaning the fields that my brother kindly started this morning whilst Paul cut and harrowed in readiness for the rain we had forecast, however the weathermen seem to have changed their minds now.

We also had a batch of spit offs to do, all but Gabby spat off, she dropped like a stone when she saw Guinea arrive, I'd not put her in the mating pen yet either and once she sits to be mated there is no moving her so I just let them get on with it and removed the rest of the girls and babies back to their main field. All expect Imala that is, who sat next to her waiting for her turn. She is actually due an outside mating from 2008 so she will have to wait a little while so we can take her and Geena at the same time.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh !...Lovely photos !!..milk and kisses all round !!......Jayne

Unknown said...

ahhh....very cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of Faith and alpacas!

Anonymous said...

That was me on the anonymous comment, Debbie, forgot to put my name!

janet said...

Lovely photo,s Debbie. I can see you will have a helper as Faith gets a bit bigger.Don,t forget Oonaugh you have to have a girl.

Rosemary said...

Faith looks like she is a lot better at bottle feeding than I am!
Well done, Faith!