Tuesday 24 August 2010

Bedtime bottle

Rory is being a bit of a pest at the minute with his bottle. When the weather is bad he doesn't seem to want it. The same thing happened when we had the last wet couple of days. It is quite odd, you would think he'd be more inclined to want a nice warm bottle of milk. I've even tried going out without my waterproof as I thought it might have been my coat he didn't like.

He had lost 90gms today, which bearing in mind he's only had one bottle from me in the last two days isn't as bad as I was expecting. He's drinking from Geena who does seem to have more milk this year than in previous ones. Hopefully his supper that he took tonight is the start of normal feeding again!

Poor Loki had a spit off job to do today, I did feel sorry for him I feel really mean when they don't get a girl at the end of it. Thankfully both Chiquita and Imala refused his advances so hopefully they are holding. Oonagh came over to say hello but she has another week to wait yet, we're hoping that she will be the last mating of the year for us. We try to get all our births complete by the end of August.

Well I must go and do some spinning as Carol is knitting Mary's black yarn quicker than I can spin it. I don't want to give her an excuse for stopping knitting!


Knapper Alpakka said...

Spitoffs are no fun for the stud, that's for sure :-)

Unknown said...

Must be good news that Rory is getting a good amount from Mum...hopefully you will get redundancy!

Rosemary said...

Very strange but Greeves is the same. Torrential rain here and I am only getting half the normal amount into him.