Wednesday 18 August 2010

Passing with flying colours

When I went out this morning I was greeted by a very sore and sticky eyed Rory, the poor chap looked like he'd been kicked in the eye. Thankfully his eye is ok but it is very swollen and rather sore.

This photo was taken at lunchtime, by which time after being bathed a few times the swelling was beginning to go down. Hopefully with bathing and eye drops he will be back to normal in no time.

We have had the vet round today to carry out some vet checks on the two girls we have sold and their cria. All passed with flying colours as we would expect, these are two cracking girls with fabulous cria at foot. Sam, our vet was very impressed with the condition scores of both girls especially Alice as he thought Kazuo was 'very well fed'!

This was before the girls got on the new grass, we had been waiting for the vet to come before we moved them as we know what Katia is like and there is no way she would leave the lush grass for a few days.

The youngsters have been chasing round like crazy in their new field. I did manage to get a video but I think it must be too large to upload on the blog as it's not working - I'll get Paul to put it on YouTube and post the link so you can see it.

I caught 12 of the 14 cria in one photo, hopefully you will be able to enlarge it as I have labelled everyone, I know you liked it when I did that last time!!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Poor Rory, hope he's improving - I tried enlarging the group shot to meet your herd of cria, but it wouldn't enlarge, Dave.

Unknown said...

Poor man...he does look like he is being a hero about it though!

Knapper Alpakka said...

Poor chap!
That last picture looks great, but when I click it I see a larger picture of Rory with the eye.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Poor little Rory....Im having the same problems..with your !...I do hope he is much happier tonight !.....someone..has got some girls !!...excellent news....Jayne

WillowBank Alpacas said...

Its good to hear that the sold alpacas pasted the vet check with flying colours, before going to there new owners....they sure do look good animals. As there is nothing about a name for Katia's baby someone must be thinking long and hard about it! sorry to read about Rory im sure he will be better soon.

Hilary Cross said...

Great to see them tonight-thanks very much.