Saturday 22 January 2011

But I don't have any trees

It's has been another busy day, Paul has spent the afternoon clearing leaves, four big dumpy sacks full.  I wouldn't mind but we don't even  have a single tree! 

The paddock needed a clean ready for the weanlings who will be going in there tomorrow and you know what magnets cria fleeces are.  I'm sure it won't make much difference but it makes us feel better if nothing else.

This morning we popped over to Carl and Dave's, not only were we picking up knitting and carding we have also borrowed their battery charger for the poor MG which is still marooned on the drive.  As the chickens are now laying us a couple of eggs a day I thought we'd take half a dozen over as a little thank you.  I hear they have had them for tea!

Talking of cars, some low life kindly hit my sister-in-laws car today whilst it was parked and didn't bother leaving any details, just two damaged doors and a back panel so they did a good job!  I may be a glass half empty girl, but I am a firm believer in what goes round comes round so they will get their comeuppance I'm sure Sarah - unfortunately you might not get to hear about it but I'm sure they will.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I believe what goes round comes round..and it will.....sounds like you've had a busy day....clearing leaves....and I wonder if the babies will appreciate all your hard work !!......Jayne

Anonymous said...

Eggs were lovely Debbie, thank you, and for the lovely grey wool you'd spun and left which I've now finished a hat off with.....another thing for you to wash and label......and on another note about the car, I'm a great believer in karma too!