Tuesday 18 January 2011

Waste not, want not

It has been a gloriously sunny day today, it started of very frosty as you can see from one of the photo's I took of one of our new pairs of booties (waiting for Paul to catalogue them in the shop).

Once the sun had melted the frost it was ideal poo picking weather, so after I had finished plying some grey yarn for Carol (yes it's done Carol) I headed off out to clean the boys fields.  Hughie insisted on standing next to me the whole time to make sure I didn't miss any.

Golden Guinea seemed to think Spring has sprung, when I drove in to his field to clear up he decided this would be a good opportunity for him to go skipping down the channel to posture at the  other boys.  He is such a poser and absolutely loves himself.

If he saw the state of his cria he would have a fit, Guinea never has a fibre out of place, is always immaculately clean and keeps is paddock the same, only depositing in the same 10 inch square.  His cria on the other hand, the two girls Meketatan and Lady Godiva like to collect a little hay and as for Ochre, his first cria of 2010 he is a mess, hay, straw and anything else he can gather.  His second son, Pearson is the cleanest of them all.  Mind you all of them will happily stand for hours for you to pick off their collections though! 

I'm pleased to say that Legend seems much happier today, in fact by this evening he is pretty much back to his old self which is good.  I'm hoping that the drugs are working and we won't have to interfere any further.

Not wanting to make Mark (of Patou) too envious but we has another egg today, hopefully the three girls are now going to make up for the complete lack of eggs over the last few months.  I think the stern talking to Paul gave them the other week may have worked, he'd threatened to dispatch them and replace them with some rescue battery hens.  Don't worry Jayne I wouldn't let him!


FrøkenTina said...

Sounds like a nice day - like the boots...

We have two alpacas but they reaaaaally like to mess the straw in to their fibres! And it's hard to get out!

We're brandnew to alpaca's...

Unknown said...

Lovely booties Debbie.