Wednesday 19 January 2011

Jump the spinning wheel

Another nice crisp morning followed by a day of sunshine, although I have been in the house most of the day today.

Paul has been in London all day; in fact he should be home in half an hour so I must remember to open the gates and put the lights on!  As he wasn't here hogging the computer I thought I'd better catch up on some paperwork.

Mark up Legend's medications etc and I was also studying the pregnancy stats.  The first three girls are all in their final trimester and are all starting to blossom nicely, either that or they have eaten far too much hay over winter!

I was supposed to be going to my spinning group this afternoon, but unfortunately the car had other idea's.  It hasn't moved for a couple of months because of all the snow but as Paul was away in the big car it meant I needed to take the MG, only Millie the MG had other idea's and refused to start.

Great, not amused, flat battery, no battery charger, no jump leads and nobody to jump from even if I had any so marooned and no spinning for me today.  Oh well I saves the petrol and spun for an hour this evening instead.

I did have a lovely long catch up with Jayne and Zanzibah, it was good to talk to you Jayne and I will keep you posted on you know what.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You have now got a bit of a secret going on !!.......keep them guessing....that's what I say !...fingers crossed.....;-)..Jayne

FrøkenTina said...

Thank you for your message - sorry that my blog is in danish :-)

We just have two alpaca´s - one of them is owned by my friend, but live at our place! The pic's on the blog - its a boy and a girl from spring 2010.

I been following your blog for a short while - nice to see and learn...

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

'you know what...' 'keep them guessing...' - we're dangling...