Saturday 15 January 2011

Raining bobbins

It has been blowing a gale today and raining pretty much all day, at least it's warmed up now so I suppose you can't have everything.  I think Legend of Spartacus preferred the snow, he is looking pretty fed up with the rain and he has so much fleece the cold and snow didn't bother him in the slightest.

Because the weather has been so poor it has been inside jobs on the list today, Paul has been doing some updates to the shop, as I managed to get a few photo's yesterday of some of the new stock that we have been busy knitting.  There is more to go on so keep looking, an alpaca gift for your valentine would go down a treat I'm sure.

Whilst Paul has been on the computer I've been spinning again.  Carol is in need of some more grey yarn so she can finish off a hat she started, but I needed to finish the barber pole I was doing though before I could go back to grey because I don't have enough bobbins.  Maybe I need to have a look on the Ashford website for some more.  I put a request for some on Freecycle but none were offered.

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Denise said...

If you want smoe more Ashford bobbin for your spinning wheel, contact P&M Woolcraft. They have website and Martin is great at getting stuff to you. Pauline and Martin have been involved in seeling wheels for years and Martin also repairs wheels. So give them a call.