Thursday 6 January 2011

Still no heating

Well the temperatures remain absolutely freezing both inside and out, as we are still awaiting our oil delivery so have no heating.  It is almost a month now since it was ordered according to the oil company hopefully we should get it tomorrow, however it has been arriving since the 29th of December so until it is in our oil tank I will not believe them!

Just to show how cold it's been we managed to remove the ice cube from one of the water troughs in a resting paddock.

It must be thick it holds Paul's weight and that's after he's cleared out the fridge and freezer over Christmas and New Year!
At least having no heating has one benefit I can sit in front of the fire and do my spinning.  I dropped off a couple of balls to Carol this morning on my way to pick up some speedibeat and rolled oats for the girls so no doubt she already has plans for that!


Rosemary said...

Oh! That's cold! Hope your oil arrives soon!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Blimey ! No oil thats...not good ! There no better up here...apparently you have to go and collect your own...coz they can't tell you when they can make a delivery !......keep warm and hope your oil arrives soon !.....Jayne