Sunday 9 January 2011

Who's afraid of the big bad Wolfie

We woke to a light covering of snow again this morning, the original lot hadn't quite gone yet so we certainly didn't need more, especially still having no oil!

We popped down to see Alan and Margaret after the morning feed, partly to get warm, but mainly to help load a nice large round bale of hay for the girls.  They had small ones this morning and they just vanish far too quickly.

This afternoon I have managed to get the computer away from Paul for a little while, so have been doing a bit of computer work that has been piling up.

Then I was able to do a little bit more spinning whilst watching the darts final, I had to laugh when I saw a lady in the crowd knitting, but then Paul pointed out that I was spinning whilst watching the final so what was the difference.  I do like to watch Martin 'Wolfie' Adams, as he lives not far from where we used to live, and is a really nice chap.

Paul was suggesting that Dean Winstanley might like to employ the services of a couple of alpacas to help keep Wolfie from the door.   Anyone following our tweets will have noticed this!

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