Saturday 29 January 2011

Stronge man and woman!

It's been very cold and frosty here all day, the ice on the  troughs this morning was well over an inch thick and refroze almost immediately despite me removing all the ice from them.

Alan kindly put a big round bale over the fence this morning which was very good of him, despite having tractor issues of his own he still found time to do it.  We have a big bale of hay and straw on pallets fenced and covered in the field to make things easier in the winter months. 

We don't have a tractor so moving big bales takes a lot of hard work.  Our brute force was required this morning as the bale was only just on the pallet so we had to push it on a bit further.  The girls supervised to make sure it was done OK, either that or they were making sure it didn't get covered before we refilled their hay hecks.

I was hoping to get some poo picking done but it has stayed frozen all day so no chance of that, so instead I finished knitting a hat I started on Thursday night.  It will be washed tomorrow and in our online shop next week.

The weanlings had another visitor today, they have been so frequent in the last few days they will begin to expect it every day.  Hughie has also had plenty of people to say hello to today as a number of the neighbours have been walking up and down the lane and Hughie doesn't miss the opportunity to  say hello.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

There are time I could do with one of those up here.......nice to hear that the weanlings and Hughie is attracting so much attention !...Jayne