Friday 14 January 2011

Heart to heart

Our tweeting is proving popular and I've had messages from some very interesting people.  You can never say you are too old for new technology as we have an 85 year old follower in my grandad - he's loving find out what we are up to.

There is only one problem, he keeps texting me to tell me what I've just tweeted; I keep telling him I know what it says because I wrote it.  Its a good job he gets free text messages!!

It is customary for Minimus to clean up every last crumb from the troughs after every single feed, it is particularly noticeable in the morning when the rest of the herd head off for the fresh hay.  Little Minimus can always be found at the opposite side of the field without a care in the world, or second thought that he is there alone, in fact I think he quite likes the fact he's not sharing!

This afternoon Carol popped over for a felting lesson, I thought we would start with needle felting.  She was wanting to try hearts ready for Valentine's Day, and I think she was pleased with the result.  I though she did really well and I'm sure she enjoyed herself, next time I will get her doing some wet felting to see what she thinks to that.  I can see the next batch of knitting arriving will be covered in detachable felted hearts!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lesson Debbie and the cups of tea Paul. I did really enjoy it, especially stabbing my finger a few times.....did I swear? Loved the finished results and yes everything from now on will have hearts on....till I can master another shape...

janet said...

Well done Carol on the felting. They do say that practise makes perfect. But don,t neglect the knitting. Debbie i like the photo of my little Minimus he does seem to like clearing up whats left.(well i call him mine because i was there when he was born and you as you missed it) xx