Tuesday 25 January 2011


The weanlings were very pleased to see us this morning, Meketaten was at the gate in a split second as soon as she heard me coming.  The others were in hot pursuit, humming away like a chorus from Madame Butterfly.

They are all doing fine, Niveous, Little Miss Irroquoys and Legend of Spartacus's son is the only one who hasn't forgiven us, that's the LMI influence in him!  Casiphia our other Legend baby had forgiven us by this morning and happily came running for her food.

All the mums seem to have totally forgotten their previous responsibilities and are enjoying the freedom, even Willow was much happier today.

In theory we have three months to wait until the first cria are due so we will soon be back to stage one, or should that be stage two; can't wait!

It has been damp today so I've not been out with the camera, so instead I thought I would share with you the latest buttons my dad has made for us.  There is a scarf underway at the minute which is destined to have some of these on it.  Keep looking for a sneak preview (once it's finished).


FrøkenTina said...

Uh, they are nice!! And real nice to put homemade buttons on homemade knitting. Hmmm. A new hobby..... :-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely buttons...glad to hear the weanlings survived their first....big night alone !!.....Jayne