Monday 3 January 2011

New year pedicure

The whole herd have had a full pedicure today, we'd been waiting for the snow to go a bit so it wasn't too slippy under foot for both the alpacas and us! 

I'm please to say that everyone behaved very well and there was nothing unpleasant on either Paul or myself when we had finished.  Kate, our grey girl with attitude, did give her parting spit as she left Paul's grip but thankfully for us poor Ursula was in the firing line. 

Paul was playing with his camera again, as you can see he had now worked out the zoom!  Can you work out who these nicely manicured nails belong to?  The Meet the Herd section of our website may help, there's a clue in the link!!!!

Three of the boys needed a little hair cut around the eyes so that they could see properly again.  As is usually the case Legend was in need of a trim.  He was very well behaved and seemed grateful for the extended vision.  Funnily enough it was all boys that needed the hair cuts, poor little Minimus has a curl on each side that was interfering with his sight.

This evening after taking down all of the Christmas decorations I have been spinning.  Carol has already used up the grey and it waiting for some more to finish off her project so I've been hard at it, I've just got to ply it Carol and you will have some more.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice you do a mobile service !!........Jayne

Anonymous said...

Can't think what's kept you away from the spinning, Debbie.....apart from the 1001 other jobs you also have to do!