Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy Birthday Carol

After a quiet New Years Eve there were no sore heads here this morning so we were up and out feeding early as usual.  The alpacas had all had a quiet night too, in fact the boys were already up and munching and the girls were spread all over the field munching the grass which is now visible.

You can tell they are all pleased to see the grass and it is a novelty as they hadn't emptied every single hay receptacle available this morning!

Today is Carol's birthday and seeing as carding Dave had left her home alone this afternoon to go to the match mum and I popped over to say hello and take her a birthday cake, oh yes and the bit of grey wool I'd spun.
We were also talking knitting targets and Carol shared her spreadsheet with mum and I, she kindly forwarded me a copy to make a few alterations if required, so if I'm not back tomorrow you'll know she's killed me for increasing some of them!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Debbie and Janet for the visit today and the lovely cake. Another year older and another year wiser - well, maybe not!
On another note, Debbie, has Janet got her knitting spreadsheet too? Haven't opened your amendments yet so you live to see another day.....


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice wool !!....nice colour !!...Happy Birthday Carol..the knitting champion !!....Jayne