Saturday 8 October 2011

Karin Muller vet talk

It was an early start this morning as we needed everyone fed and sorted pronto so we could head down to Wetherby for a vet talk by Karin Muller.

I actually got up extra early to watch the F1 qualifying, I have a pile of ironing that must be done before we move into the caravan next week so I thought a 5am start wouldn't do any harm.

As soon as it got light (and I had managed to kick Paul out of bed!) we headed over to feed and check everyone.  Paul did the boys whilst I did the girls and the chickens and checked on a couple of rabbits I'm looking after this weekend.

The girls were gathered in a circle in the middle of the filed staring at something.  Things like that always means something is going on.  In the middle of the gathering with the largest rat I have ever seen; dead!  I'm not sure if it had been stamped on or met another end.  Once I had moved it and fed everyone we headed off.

I usually knit when in the car and currently have a pair of booties on the go in the car.  Unfortunately one of my bamboo needles had snapped, but luckily it was long enough for me to finish my little project.

The vet talk was very good and well worth the early start and the drive, if anyone ever gets the opportunity to attend one of Karin's talks I would recommend you go.

This evening after packing a couple more boxes I did an hour's spinning.  I'm in trouble with Carol for not providing her with any hand spun yarn lately so I am trying to get some done so I can drop it off on Monday then I can complain if she hasn't used it by the end of the week.  Tee hee


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Good luck for your move next week into the caravan !...just in time for the winter !! Hope those builders are cracking on with the house and barn.....Jayne

Anonymous said...

Wow, new home spun yarn coming....can't wait.... you might even get a biscuit with your cuppa when you drop it off! Knitting needles are at the ready!