Wednesday 2 May 2012

Happy Birthday Sahara

Today is Sahara's first birthday, Sahara is from our 2009 brown Champion girl Sienna and Golden Guinea who needs no introduction.  She is a lovely girl with a very nice dense fleece.

Sahara is a well grown girl who just like her mum is a complete flirt with the boys, she is desperate to be mated but is going to have to wait a while for that!

On udder inspection today it was evident that both Oonagh and Lualeni
 have milk coming.  I single handedly managed to capture a photo of Oonagh's under carriage.
Last year Lualeni's milk came very quickly and she went from nothing to huge teats in a couple of days and birthed, so I am keeping a very close eye on her.

On the sheep front there is only one ewe left to birth and the lambs have certainly been enjoying the sunshine today.  Just for Bev, Wesley is on the mend but is still in the shed.  He has a bit of a cough brought on from swallowing water so has had a course of antibiotics.  I think he is quite enjoying his time in, he thinks every time someone goes in the shed he is entitled to be fed!  All being well I will be able to let him out at the weekend.

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Llama Karma said...

I can't imagine what position you had to get into to get that picture.