Saturday 3 January 2009

Another year and another fencing project!

Another busy day with another fence to construct - yes another one! We like to be able to rotate the fields and the latest addition to our grazing needed dividing. So today we began said task, I really can't believe how much fencing and shelter construction we have done, yet there is still more to be done.

The boys currently have the run of the whole field which is far too big for them so it will be nice to get it done. Today we had to fetch a few bits and bobs, then it was the tricky job of dodging the water pipe, so hopefully we will get on a bit quicker tomorrow.

I also needed to give the boys one of their routine injections, everyone was very well behaved. Legend of Spartacus needed a bit of a hair cut whilst we had hold of him. His fleece grows so quickly the poor chap could hardly see.

During this mornings feeding Kate managed to christen Paul's new coat, she really doesn't like sharing her personal space with anyone and was engaged in a bit of a spit off with a few of her fellow herd members and Paul managed to get in the firing line - oops!

Finally, Gaussian managed to put on a few grams today, he really is a worry. Regular readers will know that I have had to pretty much force feed him from the day he was born. His is no longer getting his bottle as he is 6 months old (not that he looks it), and since then his weight has dropped more than risen. He just nibbles on grass and shown no interest in supplement or really eating, I am currently giving him 'jump start' vitamin paste to try and encourage his appetite but it doesn't seem to be having much impact.

Occasionally he is interested in the hay but more often than not hes happy to nibble on his two blades of grass! Any suggestions for fattening him up would be greatly appreciated.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Debbie,

On the feed up front for Gaussian, we are finding Lucerne Haylage to be brilliant. Damned hard to find in it's pure state in the UK. We are using Marksway Horshage bagged Lucerne Haylage. It's expensive at about £7.50 a bale. Very high in fibre and very high in protien. They just love it too. It smells so good, I even fancy a bit from time to time ;o))

Keep for your poor dooers, as the others will baloon on it.

Hope that helps.