Sunday 25 January 2009

Episode 2 - lunch strikes back

Check instructions:

"Gaussian likes his bottle between 12 and 1pm". Come on he doesn't even know that food is good for him, since when did he know how to tell the time?

Instruction additional:

"He likes his milk hot, like my tea". Is this a suggestion that my latest cups of tea have been delivered too cold, or am I reading too much into this? Mix his goats milk (300ml) with glucose and off I dash, can't provide cold milk now can I?

Camera and milk at the ready there's only one thing for it. Gaussian, listen up, this is your milk and you need to drink it - stare him in the eye - this is primeval stuff, man v animal - let him know who's boss.

Gaussian: who is this joker? I'll pose for the photo, no problem with that I'm quite happy to attract international fame and fortune. But I'm no fool. They call my mum Geena and she is black and over at the hay trough. My other mum, Debbie, is the nice lady in the blue coat. The ginger guy is trouble. He'll either stab me with a needle, pour something nasty down me, hang me in mid-air while he weighs me, or maybe all of them? Only one thing for it, let me get close and then......................RUN

Head for the hay manger, mum, mum he's after me....arrggghhh....quick run round the manger fast, round all the girls who are eating and not paying attention. Round and round we go - 10 laps so far, this should give the ginger guy the slip - my back legs he got me!

Paul: got the pesky monkey. Something tells me he isn't going to stand nicely and take this milk. Try it the way Debbie does it, no chance. Talk to him nicely. Not interested. In that case it's a full Nelson and I'm not going anywhere until 300ml has left this bottle. They always try the 'let me go a minute, you're strangling me, I can't breath, you're going to choke me. Don't give in! 300ml left the bottle and a good proportion went down his throat with only a small river down my arm, him and on the floor. Job well done.

The sun is out for a change so time for a few snaps. I mentioned Little Miss Irraquoy earlier and here's a picture of her - I know Rob and Less at Wellground Alpaca Stud will enjoy this one. LMI is pregnant to Cambridge Buckingham (sire: Jolimont Commisario, dam's sire: NWA Ltd Ruffo) and we are hoping for something truly special later in 2009. In the meantime she continues to behave in her very own way, clucking with tail raised - she's mad and we love her!

Oops - phone just rang, Debbie checking up on me. Swallow double chocalate chip cookie whole. "Yes Dear, the lunch time feed went very well, all 300ml left the bottle".

Tune in tonight when I have some news and truly dramatic video footage.



Patou Alpacas said...

Paul, I thought you were a banker, not a suspense drama writer! Looking forward to the next instalment. I laughed so much at the lunchtime edition I owe you a pint! (Will cough up at the Futurity weekend if you catch me near a bar).

Patou Alpacas said...

That might be quite easy!

Anonymous said...

A serious account of a working day is no laughing matter Patou-man!

Your regular contributions to the world of blogging are appreciated by me and millions of others. Luckily for you only I will claim that pint - see you next month and I hope you enjoy episode 3.

Rob @ Wellground said...

So that's how you spell Banker Paul !!!

Great pics of LMI, she looks so fab.

Loving the episodes so far.....


Anonymous said...

Rob, she's fab indeed. No comment on my professional standing!