Sunday 18 January 2009

Completion was short lived.

Another busy weekend draws to a close and the fencing is finished - well we thought it was.

We finally finished the latest fencing project mid afternoon and moved the lambs onto their fresh pasture as they had pretty much munched their grass down to nothing. By the time we had returned following a celebratory cup of tea and a biscuit Mia had already got out! That lamb has to be the naughtiest (and brightest) lamb ever to have roamed.

How on earth she managed to squeeze through the gap she found in the existing fencing is beyond me. At least it wasn't through a bit we had just erected. I had said to Paul I bet she wouldn't be in the field by the morning, but I did think she would last longer than an hour!

On the alpaca front, Gaussian has been a pest again today and I have had to 'encourage' him to take his bottles. I tried crushing some Camelibra Cria pellets in his morning bottles to see if that helps with the weight. We'll see what the vet suggests tomorrow.

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