Saturday 17 January 2009

Princess Mallika is a big girl now

The first job after feeding this morning was to weigh Gaussian, on the whole he has been quite good taking his bottle with just a couple of exceptions. Despite this, he has managed to lose weight again, I couldn't believe it, he is back below 15kg. I have the vet coming out on Monday so I will get him to have a look at him again.

Then we weaned Mallika, Duchess to her detriment produces extremely greedy cria who grow very quick and strip her of condition. So today was the day the Princess Mallika was going to become a big girl and leave her mum to join the other weanling's.

Duchess is very laid back and passes this trait on to her cria (with the exception of Blossom!), so neither mum nor cria seemed in the slightest bit bothered by the separation, despite the fact that Mallika spends about 50% of her time drinking from mum.

We thought it seemed a bit over the top to take the trailer down for one cria, so decided that we would try and move her on the quad. She happily sat on Paul's lap checking out the scenery whilst I drove - only a Duchess descendant could be this chilled.

This afternoon Barbara and Paul from Beckbrow Alpacas popped over. It was really nice to see them again, chat alpacas and rummage through a few fleeces. They own Legacy who is Golden Guineas dad, so they were able so see the sort of spectacular cria he produces.

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