Sunday 25 January 2009

Episode 1 - Man left in charge

Morning everyone! Not very often I do the blog, but today Debbie and some other NEBAG members are on a felting course at Wall near Hexham. Watch out on the shop page for the next hand made masterpiece...

I have been left a long list of instructions on what to do for who: morning feed (everyone), lunch time feed (Gaussian) and then evening feed (everyone) - plus some admin jobs and a few minor repair jobs to one of the field shelters - how many hours in a day are there??!!

I'm always 'suggesting' to Debbie that she includes more photos on the blog, so here's one. I set the camera on timer and explained to all the weanlings that they should approach me within the 30 second countdown and look natural. As you can see they all promptly presented their backs to the camera and shot off on an urgent business appointment.

It is great, and surprising, to report that Mia (the free spirited sheep) is still in the newly divided field with her other compatriates, almost 24 hours without going AWOL - wonders will never cease.

Debbie joined me in part of the morning feed sorting out Guassian while I did all the hay and hard feed. The alpacas were well behaved and this is always a good time to have a close look at everyone. I noticed a couple of interesting things so I'll take the camera down at lunchtime and maybe provide an update on the blog then (can you stomach the suspense).

I filled up the hay bags in the 'girls' shelter and despite the thorough clean it got yesterday it seems that during the night our herd had invited friends and family for miles around to make a series of 'deposits' covering pretty much the whole of the shelter floor. Little Miss Irraquoy, one of our elite females (from the great Australian EP Peruvian Irraquoy with NWA Ltd. Ruffo as sire) accompanied me explaining that she never saw a thing all night, but thanks for the extra hay rations anyway.

Anyway, enough of this for now. Time to attend to some of the other jobs on my list. Debbie mentioned something about putting the clothes from the washing machine onto a horse. On my travels this morning I've seen the cats, fed the chickens, lambs and alpacas but blow me if I've not come across a horse. Next door have 3 horses but I'm sure they'd look very silly wearing our towels and jumpers? Surely the washing would get dirty too? There must be an explanation to this horse business or maybe I miss-heard my good lady wife. Perhaps she didn't say put the 'washing from the machines on to the horse' maybe it was 'the Christmas cookies are in the second draw down, help yourself' - what a nice lady.



Patou Alpacas said...

Nice to see you on the blog Paul. I have a similar situation today, Sue has gone to work and left me several instructions including a last minute 'Oh and can you change the beds?'. Now as far as I'm aware there is nothing wrong with the beds. Ours is very comfortable. There was no instruction as to what the new beds should look like and god knows where the nearest bed shop is. I'm bound to get it wrong so I think I'll ignore that one.
I look forward to the lunch time episode!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Sounds like you have a very similar problem. Are you sure Sue didn't say 'you work so hard all week, why don't you stay in bed'?

Hope to see you at the Futurity?


Alpaca Granny said...

Enjoyed your post, Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maple / Alpaca Granny. I hope you enjoy the rest of my day in episode 2 and 3!