Sunday 25 January 2009

Episode 3 - news and action movie

Welcome to the third and final episode when all questions will be answered:

Did Mark change the bed and if so, what for (see episode 1 comments)?
Did Gaussian come running for his evening bottle clicking his merry little heels?
What news?
And last but by no means least, who starred in the action movie, did they do their own stunts, and will there be a sequel?

I'll leave Patou-man to answer the first.

As for Guassian, things improved - he ran away from me faster this evening than he did at lunch time. That must be good, right?

Debbie is back from her felting course and has told me that news is her job not mine so you will have to wait for that one, sorry movie fans.

But now for the main event and the culmination of 'man alone' production efforts. This afternoon when I carried out my running repairs on a couple of the field shelters I took a 5 minute 'break' and fired up the camera again. Alpaca fans everywhere will love this one - so will anyone who likes action movies, or indeed great dramas of mystery and suspense.

Let me introduce the cast:
Arunvale Aztec's Aria (dark fawn) and Cambridge Molly (solid white) are both from the world class stable of EP Cambridge Alpaca Stud. Aria is pregnant to the renowned Accoyo Killawasi, sire of champions. Molly is pregnant to the stunning Accoyo Remarque. Both are due to give birth very shortly, Aria on 7 April and Molly on 18 March.

The scene was carefully prepared. The other animals grouped to one side, not wanting to upstage the unfolding drama. Aria and Molly moved into position. The sun came out to illuminate a performance that had it occured a couple of weeks ago Oscar nominations would have been a near certainty. Lines and actions sequences were discussed one final time, and action:



Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I ask you, leave a man in charge and he plays on the computer and with the camera all day! Not to mention upsetting my little man who has only just started taking his bottle nicely.

And he ate my biscuits!!

Rob @ Wellground said...

That is the most amazing footage of alpaca action I have seen in years. You have encapsulated the entire ethos of camelid behaviour. But don't tell anyone ;o))


Brilliant blog today, I am still giggling now, Les is in stitches..

Anonymous said...

Well done Paul the 3 instalments of blogs were brilliant. I,m still laughing about it. Did you actually do any work or did you spend it writing. Fancy frightening poor Gaussian like that,i bet he will be glad that Debbie will be feeding him again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Did I do any work?! Wrestling with pesky Gaussian was work enough for me.

Thanks for the critical acclaim Rob, I really have to hand it to the (4 legged) stars of the show.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...


Very, man in charge !!...slight conflict of statement there I think !....sounds like you had a great day of chaos and chores, Debbie will have to leave you in charge more often if Gaussian can cope with the new mum !..Excellent blog...did Mark change the beds...!!...nice video !!
.....I wonder........Jayne

Perry Wheeler said...

You tell 'em!

We're the men - the providers, the hunters, the natural leaders of the tribe...

It's up to us what order we do our chore list in....

Please don't tell Sarah I said that.

Patou Alpacas said...

Well done, excellent bit of blogging.
Quite startling footage, I had to watch it twice.