Tuesday 20 January 2009

New location for the hay bale

We have taken delivery of a new large round bale from our farmer friend Alan. As the last few have been put in the same place I thought it was time for a change. There is usually a gathering around said bale and as it is so wet it was getting a bit muddy.

We have moved it further along, Alan is great and kindly puts it over the fence for me onto a pallet which I then cover - much to Oonagh's annoyance. She spends most of her day trying to get her head under the cover. Why it tastes better straight off the bale rather than out of the mangers I don't know. In fact Oonagh doesn't like to get involved in food squabbles she would rather go without so that is probably why she tries her luck at the bale.

I have spent a fair bit of time in the field today with the girls and some of them are now starting to look very pregnant, particularly Molly and Aria. Willow is little and dumpy anyway so she never looks very different when heavily pregnant.

Tessa, one of our regular manure collectors came this afternoon to fetch some muck, she has a new allotment which she is going to grow willow on that she wants to cover in poo! Tessa weaves the willow and did me some fantastic spheres for bird nesting material a little while ago.

I have a new 'manure man' coming tomorrow so hopefully for a few hours at least I will be muck free!!!!!

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