Saturday 31 January 2009

Invest in your future herd

First things first I must share with you Gaussian's latest weight.......................... suspense.......................... 15.68kg, that is almost half a kilo in a week. I was so pleased, even more pleasing, he has taken just over a litre of milk today so hopefully we are now on a roll; she says with fingers toes and everything else crossed.

He was still wearing his coat this morning too, so Ursula had not managed to remove it! She is still very interested in it but I've not caught her pulling at it today.

I noticed last night after the weanlings came for their tea, that Princess Mallika looked like she had a bit of a sore foot. On closer inspection this morning it was in need of a bit of attention, too much mud and muck I think and it was rather sore. It is now bathed and sprayed and hopefully will clear up. A few days more of dry weather would help.

With the birthing season very rapidly approaching here at Barnacre, we have decided to offer a substantial saving on a package of two of the sales girls, Aria and Molly. They are actually the two who Paul took the movie of last weekend, doing what alpacas do!

Both girls are pregnant to elite EP Cambridge Herdsires and due to birth very shortly . We expect both girls to produce stunning cria and thought that it would be very nice for the new owners to have the pleasure of seeing the cria born and develop.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great news for Gaussian...keep it up, he'll soon be too big for that new coat at this rate !!...I can see another one on the wish list !

I said he looked happier !..He might not be a 'pygmy' after all !..just a slow starter..Jayne