Tuesday 13 January 2009

Gaussian adds a few grams

I was able to weigh Gaussian this morning and am pleased to report that he has put on a few grams since the weekend, only 160gms but at least he is heading back up which is the main thing.

He is now running with the herd to the troughs at feed time which is something he's never done, I had to go and fetch him from wherever he happened to be at meal times! He's not interested in the hard feed but at least he now comes under his steam to look. He actually sniffed the food voluntarily today so maybe, just maybe he is thinking it might be worth trying.

My latest hay bale is rapidly diminishing, it will be gone before the week is out. They are eating so much of it at the minute, our summer calculation for hay consumption over the winter was well out! It is the annual hay show at the beginning for February in a nearby village so we will go and buy some prizing winning hay there - until then I will be speaking to the nice local farmer Alan!!

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