Friday 9 January 2009

Cleaning day

I have had a busy day today cleaning up. After feeding and filling all the hay mangers and nets it was out with the muck truck to clean the girls field. It is a never ending job, as fast as I suck it up they push it out! I have just put another advert for the manure on freecycle to try and get rid of it, we seem to have a bit of a build up of sacks at the minute.

In the end I spent all morning out there and still didn't quite finish it all off. I did have a little break to give my new best friend, Gaussian his bottle. He kept coming asking for more milk so I had to come back and do him an extra bottle - I still can't believe he is the same animal, the transformation is unbelievable. We'll weigh him again in the morning when he has his vitamin paste.

This afternoon I've been out with the disinfectant cleaning the trailer, muck truck and quad. I like to keep things cleaning, unfortunately the car was parked a bit to close to the muck truck so I had to give that a quick jet wash too!!

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