Thursday 13 August 2009

Blog gremlins

Sorry for the lack of blog over the last couple of days, I've had gremlins! For some reason I have been unable to sign in to my blog, all very strange as I was able to comment on others in my own name.

Anyway I thought I would try now having just provided Paul with a full English breakfast; he's on holiday from the day job so I thought I would get in his good books.

We have been pottering about really, we can't go far as Oonagh, our last girl to birth, is looking very large and is extremely grumpy when anyone goes with six foot of her. I don't think she will be too much longer.

The last few spit offs have all been flat refusals for the boys which is good for us, not the poor boys though.

Not so good news with Geena though who has failed to produce this year despite being scanned pregnant and spitting off. She had a shot of Estrumate last week to hopefully get her cycling properly again but no luck so far.

It was Geena's 7th birthday yesterday and she got very upset when I offered her a boy as a birthday treat. She is a very vocal alpaca when stressed and spent the next hour humming away.

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