Wednesday 19 August 2009

Legend's longest loving

I have done a batch of spit offs this evening, I used to happily do this on my own during the day but if Golden Guinea is on the list of required boys then I have to wait for Paul to come home as it usually takes two of us to manhandle him back to his paddock if he doesn't get to sew his seeds.

Thankfully all the girls spat off nicely, well that's not true some of the girls don't spit, like Gabby for instance she just puts her ears back, puffs herself up and tries to get away as quickly as possible.

Willow isn't much of a spitter either, she just panics at the sight of the male and whimpers. She had her ears back before we got close. Then there is Little Miss Irraquoy; boy does she let us know that she is holding her pregnancy. She was mated to our Supreme Champion stud Legend of Spartacus two weeks ago and she kindly set on both him and I with both barrels when I introduced him this evening. We were both rather green and very smelly.

Thankfully the smell didn't put off Katia from the advances of Legend. Katia is one of the elite Aussie girls we have for sale . Katia has spent the last twelve months convincing both herself and us that she was pregnant, however she wasn't. After a recent dose of Estrumate she happily enjoyed the longest loving ever from our supreme champ Legend.

With Katia's impressive genetic background including Jolimont Conquistado and Jolimont Manfredo, and Legends stunning genetic mix of Peruvian Spartacus and Jolimont Commisario this should produce one very special cria next year.

I also spent a bit more time in the newly rented field clearing up some of the grass cuttings. It is a four and a half acre field that has only been cut once this year and that was a couple of weeks ago, so you can imagine the work involved. One of the neighbours has already said they are looking forward to it resembling a billiard table like the rest of our paddocks - I will take that as a compliment - thank you.

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